Last Monday I talked about putting God in a backpack and carrying Him with around with you during the week.  It has worked so well so far, which means that Monday’s now have a theme on my blog: thankfulness.

More than anything or anyone else in my life, I am thankful and grateful for my wife.  Now I may have talked about how Greg Steir founder of Dare2Share ministries is the man who won me to Christ.  He preached a message about Isaiah chapter 6 that just totally rocked my world and in nine years has taken me from an unbeliever who viewed Christ in much the same way some viewed the Loch Ness Monster to youth pastor at my church. 

The truth of the matter however, is that Greg, as good a man as he is, was about as significant as a snowflake that starts an avalanche (I’m reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I think it’s rubbing off on my writing style).  The truth of the matter is that my wife, Joan (whose art I have very proudly displayed under “l’Artiste” on the blog), did most of the ground work in bringing me to Christ.

When we first got together all her Christian friends said I was bad news and only interested in one thing but she chose to invest in a relationship with me and to let the light of Christ shine onto me rather than walk away.

When I acted like a bonehead and did or said stupid things, she chose to forgive me instead of break up with me.  She demonstrated grace long before I had any real understanding of what the word meant.

I never challenged her faith, but always waited for her to mess up.  When she did she admitted it, got up, and kept on going.  She lived her faith knowing she and the people around her did not have to be perfect.

When I wasn’t sure what I was going to do that first summer we were together, she invited me to a little Christian concert event called “Creation.”  There a man called Greg Steir laid it out for me in words as plainly as Joan had by her actions.

She’ll be the first to say she is not a model of Christian living.  But if I do half as well sharing the love of Christ and being the light of the world as she does, then I think I’m probably doing alright.

And she makes great spaghetti 🙂