The best horror films, in my opinion, are the ones in which the monster is a thing that is very nearly unknown. There are movies like Alien, or I am Legend, which are great horror or sci-fi thriller movies right alongside with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, or The Ring in which you see the monster, and the movie is still frightening.

But then there are movies like The Tooth Fairy… at least I think that’s what it’s called. And it was a great horror flick until you saw the evil monster. Then it was just kind of boring. Now movies like Super 8 – they get it right.

I saw Super 8, the other night and I loved it.  Just like one of my other favorite sci-fi horror films Event Horizon, you never see the monster.  In Event Horizon, the monster doesn’t even exist in the same plane of being as we do.  The ship has to go through a crazy hole in time and space so the monster can get at the people inside and the power it exerts over them all through the space ship is absolutely terrifying.

I think life is that way too.  There is a lot of things of which we are frightened, but once faced turn out to be nothing more than cheap special effects rendered by our own over-active imaginations.  And here’s the real thin that I loved about super 8 that makes it my new all-time favorite horror flick.  You don’t see the monster, but you do see the creature.

Catch the difference?

By the time you see the so called “monster” you have come to understand it, and it is no longer frightening.  It’s just an overgrown ET.  Of course you can see it now.  And just like with our real life fears, when we see them for what they are, and replace them with compassion – then there is nothing to keep us from facing it.

“For we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind.”