I had a great weekend. I woke up this morning and by the time I got into work at 7:59AM, I had forgotten most of the goodness from this weekend. I realized after struggling through my morning, saying some very un-Christian things to my computer and the website I’m working on, then repenting for saying so many un-Christian things, that I really need to stop and store for myself the memories of what made this weekend great.

How many times does Scripture encourage us to remember the works of the Lord? How many times does the Father tell us that we are not forgotten and he remembers the promises he has given us?

I don’t know the actual numbers, I’m afraid I don’t know scripture quite that well. But I’m pretty sure it’s a lot. So I’m going to remember what the Lord has done for me today, and I’m going to pack it up in a backpack and carry it with me. By writing it down, it’ll be easier to keep it longer I think.

I encourage you to join me by starting with three things the Father has done for you or has blessed you with in the past three weeks. (I’ll probably have more than three but that’s just because I’m weird like that) Every Monday, I’m going to add a few more.

11/26 – The Father re-ignited my passion and desire to write
11/28 – I got a new job doing the stuff I love.
12/4 – I got a glimpse of what revival can potentially look like when the presence of God fell and people just got HUNGRY for him!
12/8 – I had a great dinner with my youth group and was greatly encouraged by their hunger for deeper knowledge and understanding.
12/10 – Our Laundry machine completely breaks down (it’s 20 years old after all) and some one I love dearly came in and offered to buy us a new one AND give us extra money for Christmas.

What have you got in your backpack?