“Why do we fall down Master Bruce?”

This is the question the devoted butler Alfred asks Bruce Wayne during a particularly difficult trial. Alfred asks this question knowing full well that Bruce knows the answer and while it is true, in fact likely, that that at one time such a question would have been an instructive one, by the time Bruce Wayne has taken on the persona of Batman the question serves more to encourage and exhort the Dark Knight.

“Why do we fall down Master Bruce?”

“So we learn to get back up.”

It is very much like the Christian exhortation “God is good.”

Be honest, did you just say or think “all the time”?

But it’s true right? God IS good all the time. God is good to us, He loves us, and when we are pressed and hurting it helps to say it out loud, to hear it and remember and be reminded that God is good all the time. And all the time God is good. It’s good to remember God’s goodness.
There’s just a little problem there: it’s not biblical.

I mean let’s be real here. This is the God who created the heavens and the earth. This is the God who sent Judges to deliver his People, the God who didn’t just witness the suffering but felt it alongside them. This is the God who makes streams in the desert, makes smooth paths in rough places. This is the God so desperate to love us and have relationship with us that He sent his Son to earth to atone for our sins and give us lief abundant. And we say God is “good?”
We’re talking about the God who prepares a place for us in the midst of our enemies, who called us before we were born and knows our inmost being. This is the God from whom we cannot hide if we sleep in the darkest corner of creation or if we rise up on the wings of the dawn. This is the God who has declared plans for us, and has a future for us filled with hope and abundance. And we say God is “good”?!?!

This is the God who has moved directly and intimately in your own life whether you know it or not (and chances are you don’t know half the things He has done on your behalf) and all we got is “God is Good.”

That’s like telling an AP student who got six perfect scores on six different tests they did an “adequate” job.

That’s like telling a nobel laureate “I guess you do know how to do your job.”

That’s like asking batman “Why do we fall Master Bruce?” Bruce Wayne might say “so we can stand up again,” but what he’s going to do is stand up, find the bad guy, bring on a massive beat down and lock the sucker up in an institution for the criminally insane.

Don’t get me wrong God IS good. But every so often, in fact the vast majority of the time, He is so much more than “good.” Usually God is something so amazing, and so awe inspiring that the only word we have available to describe it in the English language is “Godly.”

And he most certainly is THAT all the time.