OK let me be perfectly upfront and honest about this post since I’m supposed to be on sabbatical from blogging. Someone i know made a comment about how God is not allowed in schools.  This was followed by someone else delivering a very passionate defense of the secular school system ending with “besides if God allows violence in schools for no better reason than he is not allowed in them, then he/she/it is not worth following.”

Now we (and by we I mean any Christian who has ever made any kind of attempt to share his or her faith with unbelieving friends) have all heard this argument before.  This is the “why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” defense that ends with “what kind of loving God can be so cruel?”

Now in the middle of all this one thing in particular really stuck me: the secular world view doesn’t have at it’s center anything except empirical rationalism.  Where is the hope?

Rather than ask our teachers not to teach on ANY faith, why not get teachers to teach on EVERY faith?  I really want Jesus in the hearts and lives of the next generation, but is it too much to ask the schools to give our children hope?  Empirical rationalism does not offer hope in a time of economic recession.  I suppose “get your education, work hard, and you will be successful” is a hope of sorts, but i mean really?  And what happens when you get denied for student loans?  What happens when someone else beats you out for that internship or that job?  Empirical rationalism tells us that it was warranted and the person who was rejected is in fact less valuable.

That is not a lesson I every want any child to learn.

Jesus tells me that in that situation there are a million possible reasons behind the sequence of events and that no matter what else is happening God is still on his Throne and the righteous will overcome.  THAT is hope.  That I am the beloved child of a loving God who is jealous for me is hope.  That there is a wedding in the Kingdom and I am invited to be a guest and a part of the party is HOPE.

But there is none of that in Empirical rationalism.

Now do I want my son to have a teacher preach from the Qu’ran and make them pray five times a day? No.  Absolutely not, and I understand that if that is the case, then we must place reasonable limitations on the authority figures educating our children.  But God help the generation that grows up without seeing and learning about hope, from the authority figures we trust them to.

Where hope fails there is darkness, anguish, and despair.  God give our children hope.

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