I spend a lot of time thinking.  I like thinking.  I even listen to Catholic radio on my way into work because they usually have really thought provoking discussions about faith and modern society.  (It’s especially thought provoking when I don’t think I agree with the radio host)

I like to think about some of the craziest things and then, having thought about it, end up dismissing it as irrelevant to living a life of faith.  Questions like “In what order did the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit come into being?”  or “to what degree are the elements of the trinity the same and different and does it impact their unity of activity?”

The point I’m trying to make here however, is not how awesome smart I am, (because I’m not really I just like to think about stuff) but that no matter what I think about God, it is very clear what He thinks about me because he demonstrated that by his work on the cross.  It’s easy to think that Christ died to wash away our sins, but that’s a necessary side effect of what he was really doing: reconciling us with God.  We who are sinners have no hope of being reconciled to God for just as soon as we seek to be righteous we do that which sinful.

Think about that for a second.  God loves me so much; he wants to be a part of my life so badly, that he asked Jesus to die on a cross to help reconcile me, personally, back to God.

Oh the wonderous cross.