This week, two parents in Oregon City are going on trial for criminal negligence and manslaughter.  As near as I can tell these are generally good people, who love Jesus and pursue Him daily while attempting to live as he directed us to do so in the gospels.  So why are they on trial?

They did not seek medical treatment for their premature baby who died.  The parents did not seek medical treatment because they were convinced that the Father would heal the child just as Jesus did so many times in the gospel accounts.  Only He didn’t.  A premature baby died because the parents were waiting in faith for Christ to heal him or her (I’m not sure of the gender of the baby) and the healing never came.

Generally I’m a proponent of faith healing and have written about it before, but it seems to me that if you have to ask the question “Should we go to the hospital?” Then you should absolutely go to the hospital.  Pray for healing on the way, and pray for healing while you’re there, but go to the hospital for crying out loud!

That being said, I have seen instances where miraculous healing has occurred.  But I’ve also seen plenty of instances when nothing has happened at all.  This is the topic of discussion the day after 9/11.  “Why does God allow this?” “Why does he allow in His ‘wisdom’ what he can prevent in his power?”

A little baby died because his parents had more faith than they did sense.  Why didn’t God honor that?  Why didn’t he save the baby and then knock some sense into the parents afterwards?  Let me say this again:

A baby, with no guilt, no sin – a precious sign of the wonder of life – died because the parents cried out to God saying “heal our baby” and the Father did not answer.  Why?

These are big questions I don’t necessarily have the answer to.  I wish I did, Lord knows I wish I did.  I suppose we could say that “God is not wise enough or kind enough to save us” but we know that is not true.

God so loved the world he gave us his only son so that we might come to know Him.

We could say that perhaps God is not powerful enough or have the authority to change all things for us but we also know that is not true.

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and he owns the hills under the cattle, and he owns the earth under the hills and should he choose he could make them all flat so that we might traverse this plane of existence.

I don’t know why.  I wish I did.  But I do know that God is still God, and that He is still powerful and He is still merciful and He still loves me.  All I can do is hope that the Father uses my arms to comfort them.