yes I know it’s actually spelled GRATEful but here’s the thing.  I’ve been soooo incredibly stressed out with having the baby, moving into a new place, getting to closing on the new place and all the changes that have been going on in my life right now that I’m especially grateful to all the great people who have helped me through to today.

Now I could go through and bore you with the long…. VERY long details of the six month (although it might have been more) ordeal it took for us to get to this point, but really I just want to open up a forum for us to be purposeful in our gratefulness.

Today I’m especially grateful for people who have done me a great service and have earned their own rewards, but I realize also that I’m not so grateful for the smaller things that helped us along the way. And the challenge for all of us is to be deliberate in recognizing and celebrating those things.

Things like the second inspection being discounted, or a happy baby that doesn’t complain a whole lot when we take him all over the DC area.

Things like a wife who makes sure I’m encouraged and ready for the next thing even when she isn’t.

Things like friends who took time out of their day to stop and pray for me.

What are you grateful for?

PS – anyone looking for a house in the DC area shoot me an e-mail or dm me on twitter.  I got some great people to recommend.