This is a post I wrote for my buddy over at Cowboy Campfire Ministries.  Here’s an excerpt and a link for the whole thing.

Now you may say to me “no he wasn’t he was a carpenter!” and if that’s you I have two questions for you.

1)      Are you upset about what you see as a misreading of scripture or are you upset about the fact that I called the man who raised Jesus a day laborer?

2)      … actually that’s the only question I really have.

Here’s the thing, we think of carpenters and in this day and age we think of people who build cabinets, furniture or maybe even boats.  But a person who builds boats is called a shipwright while people who build cabinets or furniture are most often called tradesman or craftsmen.  Even today it is true that carpenters are generally involved with the shaping of wood for construction purposes.

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