I recently published a book of mine through Smashwords digital publishing.  It’s available for iBooks, Kindle, Nook blah blah blah.  If you’re interetested here’s the link.

I spent two years actually writing the book and probably another two or three years workign on cover art, looking for agents or publishers and so on before finally deciding to self publish through a digital distributor.  After all, I had spent SOOOOO many years working on this project and SOOOOO much time revising, editing, drafting, and writing letters to this person or that person – it only makes sense that I publish.  After all it is only after publication that a written work can begin to take life.

As I write this blog post I remember all the little secrets I hid in the text that were designed to force people to ask questions.  The secrets that are meant to push the reader to become a seeker, and having become a seeker to then find the glory of God.

At the same time, I use the word “I” or “me” a lot.  It makes me wonder if it really is for His glory that I wrote and now publish this work.

Have you ever been in a place where you weren’t sure if it was for Him or for you?