Here at the Crossroads
The traffic light
Left or right
Right or wrong
I sing my song
At the crossroads
The intersection of my world
My life
Have I seen this scene before?
No, not so much.
But it feels the same.
Same play on a different game
Different names
Different faces
Different places
But still a crossroads
A traffic light
Left or right?
Right or wrong
I sing my song at the crossroads
And the breeze
Sings with me
The trees
Dance with me
As my haunting melody winds a long and turning path
Around the crossroads.
The traffic light.
Left or right?
Right or wrong?
My song
Sings a simple question:
What awaits me beyond
The crossed roads.

And distantly
A voice barely heard
A voice I know I’ve heard before
At least once upon a time
A voice I know
A song I’ve sung
But the voice comes
Gently, unafraid.
Soft and still.
What matters what lay beyond?
You will find me in every step
Every stumble
Every jump of joy.
I alone await down every path.
And every path will lead to me.