My handle on twitter is Justapen, and I publish this blog under that name as well. I like to say that “I am and the instrument, the pen, and not the author.” But my wife teased me the other day saying “how much of your writing do you actually do with a pen?” Now I could say that there is very little difference between a pen and a keyboard or between my spiral bound notebook and my netbook. But it really hit me. “how much writing do I do with a pen?”

In all honesty, very little these days. Some time ago I did a great deal of writing in spiral bound notebooks with a simple ball point pen. Not so much these days and my wife’s innocent little jibe actually resonated with me. Why have I walked away from a method that was inspiring and really ignited my writing?

I don’t have an answer.

But I do know what the result of it has been. It’s been harder for me to pray. It’s been harder for me to read Scripture and it’s been harder for me to enjoy the presence of the living God. Because it was through my journal that I first learned to pray and I first experience the presence. It was through my journals and my writing with a pen on a pad of paper that I discovered what it really meant to be saved. It was in the pages of my journal I wrote down the dreams I wanted the Lord to bless, and where I recorded the dreams God gave me as direction.

The challenge I’m trying to get to here, is about rediscovering the first way you were able to sit in the presence of the King. It might be bible study, it might be listening to an audio bible (which is awesome anyways). It might be one of the ancient disciplines: fasting, communion, meditation. It could be getting in the car and just driving.

What was it you used to do to spend time with your Savior? What was the first way you found really worked for you? When was the last time you went back to it?