The question at the end of the day however, is not about Jesus’ or the Father’s or even the Spirit’s love for us – but our love for them.

When I was in High School I was in a toxic relationship with this one girl.  Now when I say toxic, I mean like radioactive asbestos.  Everyone and their mother knew I was in this relationship and everyone knew that it was a dysfunctional and toxic one.  And to be fair, I contributed as much to the mess of that relationship as she did.

And yet, despite knowing how bad it was, I still insisted on doing every stupid little thing she asked of me.  Love is blind but I was being just plain stupid.  But looking back I can say with a light heart that I learned something extremely valuable from that relationship: how to make a fool of myself.

I call that valuable because the cross is foolishness.  And if I’m serious about loving my savior, I have to step into the ring prepared to be made a fool.  John Wimber said rather famously “I’m a fool for Christ, who’s fool are you?”  The assumption being that we all worship something.  There’s something in this world that we will jump through insane hoops for and will make us look like the greatest idiot on the planet.  The question remains, who or what is that for you?

I wish I could say that for me it’s Christ – but the truth is that there are days and sometimes weeks or months where that’s not true.  But thank God for grace that allows me to come back and love Jesus and be a fool for him in the midst of my own foolishness.

I’m a fool for Christ… in training.  Who’s fool are you?