Out of the depths I call to You, Yahweh!  Lord, listen to my voice; let Your ears be attentive  to my cry for help. (Ps 130:1-2)

When trouble comes, when there is an obstacle or a problem I’m facing, I make an effort to turn to the LORD first.  Lately I’ve been making a real effort to do that for every problem that comes along, as I develop a lifestyle of prayer. Now, I am blessed.  I do not doubt that I am blessed.  It isn’t all that hard for me to look at my life and find wonderful beautiful things I am thankful for.  Things that I consider a blessing.

My wife.

My home.

My job.

My child.

But there’s always something that is a thorn in the flesh – a reason to cry out.  Paul’s words about the difficulties he had in his life.  Now he might have been speaking about a physical problem like a lame leg, or a disfigured hand or he could have been talking about a temptation or spiritual problem but the point is the same.  He had this thorn in his side that he begged God to remove.  He cried out three times for God to remove this thorn and God said, “my Grace enough for you.” (2 Cor 12:8)

Now I can compare my blessings to Paul and I’m looking pretty good.  I am blessed with the companionship of a wife and child, I have a steady source of income (and Paul had to fight for his on a number of occasions) and I have a place I can lay my head each night and call home.  Now I too have my thorn in the flesh and I too cry out to God, but when he comes back and says “my Grace is enough for you”  am I content with that answer?

To be honest, no.  Most days I am not content with that answer and I call out again.  And again, and again, and again.  I’m so busy shouting and screaming that I don’t hear the Father saying “it’s ok, I got you.  My grace is enough for this little thing.”  The father is speaking to me, comforting me, and showing his love for me by drawing me closer to him and wrapping me in his arms, and most days I’m too upset by my little thorn in the flesh to notice.

Thankfully today I did notice and I was able to stop my whining and enjoy being held in the Father’s arms.