Some scholars like to argue about the moment of creation.  Jurgen Moltmann wrote a very compelling argument describing and theorizing about how exactly the world was created from the nothingness that preceded it.

And to be honest I really don’t care what happened right then.  But Genesis does tell us that the Spirit brooded over the Chaos waters.  I wrote about this a while back but I have something else I’m seeing now in the way in which the Spirit, the ruach exists over the chaos waters in the moment before creation.

Translations differ, but generally the agreement seems to be that the spirit hovers over the water.  It hangs in the air as an eagle hovering over her nest while feeding her young.  In other words there is this sense of very close, intimate presence yet not actual contact because that contact would be destructive.

That’s kind of how I feel right now with a baby due any moment.  I’m trying to stay close, trying to hover and be present without being overbearing and suffocating (although I know I’ve already crossed the overbearing line).  And I imagine that this is not dissimilar from how the Father felt at the moment of creation, not because creation was his joy, but because he didn’t see it as just creation.

As the spirit hovered over the water in preparation for what was coming, in fretful and excited anticipation of something wonderful, He was hovering over you and me.

Think about that.  When God created the universe and was crouched waiting for the perfect moment to spring forward and command light into being, that excitement was for you and me as well.  Two tiny dots in the midst of everything else that was created – and the Father was hovering over us in eager anticipation.  Like an eagle hovering over her nest while feeding her young.