My thoughts on evangelism are not lengthy or full of eloquence. Rather a simple question…

What if, as evangelists, we truly put the great command before the great commission?

There is such a gifting and instinct set within us to go and do. It’s a brilliant thing really. It’s a characteristic trait that God has instilled in us as a tool to accomplish what we’ve been called to. However, I find that at times I get so caught up in the going and doing that simply being is pushed onto the back burner. 

It’s in these times I find my focus moving from a desire to love God with all my being and letting everything else fall into place to fulfilling the great commission and doing the work of the Kingdom. The thing is, the later is very honorable and even the will of God; it’s not like I stop loving Him. Yet, once my focus shifts I notice my energy decreasing, my frustration rises, my compassion and grace for others seems to suffer a bit and bottom line, I am less effective.

It seems so obvious. It’s one of those things that everyone knows. Yet somehow, no matter how embedded in my brain it is that there is an order to things, I sometimes get excited and jump ahead of God. I’m so grateful for His grace and patience with me. I’m grateful that He even sees my heart and knows my desires and intentions are for good, for the Kingdom. I think He probably even gets excited with me and desires to bless my endeavors. So He gently reaches out, pulls me in and whispers in my ear as a reminder; “Be, be still… and know I am God.” You see, it’s His love for us

I’m convinced that deeper revelation of His love for us is the very thing that inspires us to love Him with abandon. I’m completely and utterly convinced that if we love Him with complete abandon giving Him all of who we are, all other things will fall into line. We will know when to stand and fight, we will know when words aren’t necessary and all we need to embrace the hurting, we will know how to pray and what to pray and when to pray it, we will have so much love oozing from our cup that it will smear on everything and everyone we come in contact with, we will remain in peace and always be filled with joy. I’m convinced that we must learn to rest and be in Him, His presence, even in the craziest, busiest of times. I’m convinced He is just that good…



This guest post was written by Brooklyn Watson as part of an ongoing discussion on Evangelism.  She describes herself:

Me? I’m just a crazy girl! My heart soars when I rest upon Jesus’ chest. I long to see my Father’s Kingdom come; on earth as it is in Heaven. I’m not ashamed of the Holy Spirit that covers me and blesses me with good gifts. A lot of people strive to live in the present, but I desire to live in the Presence. This is how I choose to live life, this is me… A few other more practical things: I absolutely love nature; treessunrises, sunsets, butterfliesoceans, lakes-it’s like fuel for my soul. Speaking of fuel for the soul-I’m not sure I could live without music. No coffee for me thank you, I am a tea drinker.

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