Over the weekend I heard someone say “if you want to avoid burnout stop acting like you’re on fire.”

My initial reaction was to completely reject this idea.  I may not be on fire, and bursting at the seams with energy, passion, and devotion to Christ, but I want to be there.  I want to feel the Spirit of God hit me so hard I fly around the region spreading the fire.  Being on Fire for Christ is a GOOD THING and it is not possible to burn out.

How do I know?

My first thought is to look at the story of the burning bush.  God’s spirit came into that little bush and burned within it without destroying or consuming the bush.  There are other examples of the Spirit of God coming to fall on people but this particular one is a bit more accessible because I got nothing on Isaiah and Jeremiah.  But a bush?  Yeah I can relate.

God’s presence, the fire and drive that motivates someone to extremes that are so insane it HAS to be God, is not just the fire, but the fuel as well.

I know a guy who’s been on fire since the early 90s and he’s still going strong.  He took a little hiatus from ministry around 99-01 but then came back strong, planted a church and is doing some awesome stuff in ministry.  I’ve seen what real genuine fire for Christ can do to a person, and I’ve also seen how that same fire becomes a sustaining force.

But that’s the key.  And here I agree with that first statement I saw.  I can’t ACT like I’m on fire for God and think I can avoid burnout.  That’s like telling a diesel truck to work on unleaded-regular.  It sorta works… for a while… and then it doesn’t.  In other words, I cannot live and work as if I have some kind of anointing when in fact I do not.  Being on fire for Christ is not a question of performance but of being.