This is probably going to sound weird to some of you, but whenever someone asks me for prayer and I pray for them right on the spot, I do two things.

  1. I pray over whatever it is that they asked me to pray about.
  2. I quietly ask Jesus if there’s anything He wants to say to this person.

Now I don’t mean to start a conversation about the validity of the Spiritual Gifts and the possibility of seeing signs and wonders outside a 1st century church.  Let’s leave those alone and please just accept that this is how my prayer life works.

Now there are days when Jesus really talks to me.  I mean He talks to me so much and so loud that I don’t really get much else done I’m just awed and overwhelmed by the fact that the creator of the universe and the salvation of all mankind is talking to me.  Especially when He starts talking to me about other people.  Now it tends to make the people in my office a little jittery when I talk about religion so I avoid it as much as I can and most of the office thinks I’m some kind of psychic or spiritual medium.  So much so that I was asked if I could do a little fortune telling at a special event.  Be the side show if you will.

Well I thought it would be a great opportunity to encourage people and deliver a couple of words from the Lord let them know they’re loved and all that.

Until I dressed up in a cheesy Roma outfit.  Now it looks good, I’m a theater guy I can put together a half decent costume but after four hours of listening to the Lord and speaking life into the people who were at this party, I felt horrid.

Four hours, and I was so worried about being an “undercover Christian” I was so concerned about getting the message across that I purposefully omitted the words “Jesus, Christ, and God” from every sentence I spoke.  At the end of the night I was so sick with myself that I thought I might have needed to empty guts in the nearest bathroom.

I don’t know if it was the Father’s will for that night to stay largely out of the picture, but I doubt it.  He received no glory from what I did because everyone assumed it was all me.  They thought I was a psychic.  My motto, Soli Deo Gloria, was a hollow platitude that night “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

And while I understand the need to be “undercover” at times, I think it is better to think of it as “understated.”  It’s not that there is a need to conceal our faith even as we spread it, but rather a need to tone down the rhetoric and erase the jargon so that we can be Jesus Freaks who still sound like a normal person.

I could really use some feedback on this one.  what do you think about the undercover Christian?