Ever hear someone talk about “working where God is working” or “joining in where God is already moving?” If you’ve never heard this expression before let me briefly detour to explain it.  There are basically two ways which we can minister to others or be part of the activity of the Kingdom.

Act and ask God to join us or ask God what He’s up to and join Him.

When it comes down to the most basic bare bones of ministry, these are our two options.  We can either try to re-invent the wheel and ask God to bless our efforts and be there with us, or we can see what He’s already invested in and built and currently moving in, and then join him.  Even Jesus recognized this and let people know his opinion on the matter in John 5:19 “I assure you the Son is not able to do anything on his own, but only what He sees the Father doing.”

Now Jesus is talking about ministry here.  He’s talking about healing and spreading the good news of the coming Kingdom of God; He’s talking about building the Kingdom and it serves as a template for us in our ministry activity, but I’m convinced that this is a recipe for a way of life and not just a formula for effective ministry.

Now there is a whole bunch of scripture I could trot out here that would probably be effective and impactful if I had the patience to actually go through it all but let me share with you the thought that really allowed this to make sense to me.

Parents – would you be happy if the only time you saw your kids, was when they wanted to get work done?