I’m a big fan of lectio divina.  I love hearing the Word spoken aloud and just sitting and meditating on a verse or two.  You can read more about lectio here if you’re curious about it.  Richard Foster’s book Celebrating Discipline also does a really good job on this and a whole bunch of other spiritual practices.

But what I enjoy more than lectio is listening to the bible like an audio book. 

Seriously, I love to just turn it on in my office and let it run.  Now obviously I couldn’t do this with a traditional audio book because I would spend all day utterly distracted and listening to the great (or complaining about the not-so-great) narrative of the story.  The bible however is something I know well enough that I can turn it on and let the words wash over me and my little office space without worrying about missing something.

I don’t know what anyone else calls this, but I call it “drinking.”

My soul soaks up the word like a dry sponge, I drink of it without even realizing it.  Now this is no replacement or substitute for regular study of the word, in much the same way that nothing can really replace or substitute for one’s prayer life.  But rather this a tool to supplement what’s already there.

But the real reason I like to listen to the bible in my office is that it changes the environment.  I like to read and do my daily devotionals in the office because it invites Him into my space and let me tell you how much nicer my work environment is when Jesus is hanging out in the spare office chair.

What do you do lighten and brighten your office?  If you need ideas or help, check out The High Calling Blogs on work.