Yesterday, the sermon I heard started off by saying “blessing is the most boring thing ever.” That upset me a little bit, not going to lie.  I was like “what? Blessing is awesome!  I want blessing, blessing makes the world go round!”

But then I was convicted because I didn’t mean “blessing makes the world go ’round.”  Not even close.  You see I associate blessing with provision and provision means money of course.  Oh, how many years have I spent running from the western mindset and prejudices only have them spring upon me when I least expected?  I have always associated blessing with material and tangible wealth.  I measured it with success or influence or something along those lines.

It never occurred to me that blessing might come in the form of the Beatitudes even after I did a close study of them.  It never occurred to me to that I was trying to measure blessing by MY standards instead of by those of the Father.  It never occurred to me that by living in the presence of God, by aligning myself with His desires and will, I would be inherently blessed.  Here’s the video that really summed it up for me.

So the challenge this week: which line from the beatitudes represents a part of your life you would like blessed and how would you understand or measure it?  Would you measure it at all?

For myself, I’m going with “hunger and thirst for righteousness.”  Jesus is righteousness, and I want him more than just about anything else right now.  I’m aching for this revolution!