The Kingdom of God is one of those things that people either ignore and never really think about (especially since an authoritarian Monarchy isn’t really a valued system of government anymore) or is a concept that gets thrown around without really being talked about.  Now I’m probably about as far from an expert on the subject as is possible, but here are a few thoughts about the Kingdom based on some of Jesus’ parables.

  • Pearl of great Price Matthew13:44-46: The Kingdom is worth it.  It is so wonderful and amazing that we will want to give up everything for its sake.  If you don’t feel it, its probably because you haven’t seen the Kingdom.
  • Fishing Matthew13:47-48: Everyone gets into the Kingdom, but not everyone gets to stay.
  • The Mustard seed Matthew13:31-33: a little can really go a long way in the Kingdom because God’s hand is blessing it.
  • Locked gates Matthew 23:13: we can stop people from entering the Kingdom entirely regardless of the invitation and the net.
  • The Will of the Father Matthew 7:21: When the believer has truly accepted Christ that believer will see his/her will aligned with the will of the Father and we’ll get to see glimpses of the Kingdom on earth.

What are some other thoughts on the kingdom?