Every revolution, every instance in history that has been marked by massive social upheaval have been centered around a single powerful idea.  We could argue I suppose that it has been centered on a single charismatic leader (Fidel Castro, Vladimir Lenin, etc) but as we web oriented types like to say “content is king.”  There is nothing for people to hold onto and to fight for if the charismatic revolutionary leader doesn’t have something to revolt for.  So I ask, what’s the idea behind the Jesus Revolution?

I’ve already identified some key points about the revolution with no little help from my buddy Carl.

  • Passionate compassion
  • Love Rampant
  • Grace to make change
  • Knowledge and experience of Truth.
  • “Take up my cross and follow me”

But what does it all mean really?  What’s the point, what’s the drive behind it all?  For most Christians it’s enough to talk about obedience and following the example of Christ.  “He said to love one another as he loved us and that’s what we’re doing.”  “He said to go and make disciples of all the nations to here we go to Cambodia.”

But a soldier who is fighting for a reason is a much better soldier than one who is fighting because the guy with the stars on his shoulder told him to.  And Jesus is not the idea we are fighting for just to be clear.  Jesus is God made flesh, wholly human and wholly divine, who came and died for our sins so that we might have eternal life.

The idea behind the Jesus Revolution is the Kingdom of God.  “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand,” Jesus said.  That means the Kingdom is right there, and all we have to do is reach out and grab onto it.  Jesus’s death was part of the process that has enabled to live in a state of grace and grab on.  Extending grace to others enables them to grab on.  Loving others is grabbing on and bringing the Kingdom to fruition.

Now only the Father knows the day and the hour when the revolution will be complete, but every day we revolt against the temptations and injustice of this world in an effort to bring more people into the Kingdom.

And if that was really clumsy and made no sense I’m sorry but I’m trying not to be TOOO long winded for a Monday.