Jesus was born in the projects.  People there were struggling with life as the poor under the heel of Roman Authority.  Not only that, but Jesus was born in the part of the projects that made people say “He came from where?”  The man was practically born in the Jersey Pine Barrens of the ancient world “can anything good from there?”  But rather than let the circumstances of his birth turn him into a rough and tumble revolutionary against the Roman Empire, he had dinner with sinners and tax collectors.  He healed the servants of a Roman Centurion.  He forgave the Romans and the powerful Jews for crucifying him.  “Love one another as I have loved you.”(see Platinum Rule for more on that one.)

This is a life of love rampant.  This is the Jesus Revolution.  Or at least a part of it.  So if part of living a life on fire for Jesus means being madly in love with everyone, well does that really look like?

At Church on Sunday, I saw a little boy, maybe three years old singing his heart out during worship.  Now I don’t know if he was singing loud because he loves Jesus or if it was because everyone else was making noise and he wanted to play too, but two things struck me about this kid.

  1. That’ll be my boy before too long.
  2. He doesn’t care that he can’t really sing.

I’m not kidding about the second one – that boy was not within two octaves of whatever note he was trying to hit but he did not care.  And that’s what loving Jesus is supposed to be like.  I really want the Father to look me as I live my life and strive to become more Christ like and say those two things to himself. “He’s turning into my Son” “He doesn’t care that he doesn’t have it right, he loves me that much.”

Now living a life of rampant love isn’t easy, but thankfully we have things like grace and Jesus to help us out.  And it helps when we rely on Jesus to love as he did because then we can look around and we don’t see people as people.  We don’t see a homeless guy or that annoying office gossip.

We see a daughter or a son.  We see someone’s child, someone’s baby.  I can say “that could be my boy one day.”  And God will whisper to me, “That is my boy.  Just like you.”

This week’s challenge (I’m going to do this with #JesusRevolution for a while) is to find someone you wouldn’t normally see or interact with or ignore or something – someone outside of your normal comfort zone – and love them like Jesus would.