I don’t remember the entire context of what was said, but the day after I became a Christian I heard another sermon and the only thing I remember from it was Revelations 3:16 “Because you are neither hot nor cold I will spew you from my mouth.”

I’ve talked about this once before.  I said then that a Christian might take this to mean we MUST be on fire for Christ whereas I understood it to mean “make a choice buddy.”  And we can be hot, on fire and passionate for Jesus, but if we aren’t careful our passion will overrule our reason and we will have no knowledge of who God is, we will have no foundation of truth to stand upon and will eventually fall.  We can similarly be cold and intellectual, sure of our orthodoxy and secure in our understanding of the truth and yet have no heart God because our knowledge has cloaked our apathy.

I find myself in the latter of these two lately and today I was privileged enough to be chastised and corrected for it.  (Remember the part that says “he chastises those he loves”?)  So my new thing for the next couple of weeks will be seeking an answer to the question of finding a place in which passion for Jesus is balanced by a firm foundation of truth.  This is what I understand the Jesus Revolution to be.  Not a generation that is on Fire for Christ and eagerly seeking new souls and crusades for those souls being held left and right, but rather a passionately compassionate generation that stands of the Solid rock of truth and not experience.

When Jesus entered  Jerusalem and saw the money changers and everything we see a perfect example of passion meeting knowledge.  He goes in and makes a whip to drive out the money changers and shouts scripture after them.  “My father’s house should be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!”

This is the #JesusRevolution.  (And here’s my favorite scene from Jesus Christ Superstar where Jesus cleanses the temple.  Ends at about 2:00)