So I missed File (read “chapter”) 1 because I was late in getting my copy of the book but I really encourage everyone to read about it on  Skipping now to file 2 the main focus is on what Crystal from soulmunchies calls “The four A’s”  She lists them out as awareness (of ourselves), authenticity (of who we are and what we believe), adaptation (not of the message but of the methods), and action (that one’s pretty self explanatory).

And that’s great, that really gives us online missionary types something to dig our heels into and give us some kind of footing in this online quagmire known as the land of shiny things.  But as I read the chapter there was one line that just jumped off the page and went straight through my heart.  Every time I tried to move past this line it would show up with a Louisville Slugger and start beating up with it DEMANDING that I pay attention.  Desperate to get to the end of the file I tried to ignore it but alas, I’ll have to re-read it another time when I’m distracted by this homerun hero.  The line?

“For Jesus it was never about the head count of the crowd he addressed; it was about the individual heart seeking Him out and eager to respond to Him…Heart trumps head count every time.”

Why is this such a big deal for me?  Why did such a little line cut me so deep?  I mean it’s not as if this is anything new for us right?  We say it in Church all the time “God doesn’t want your work He wants you.”  Or some derivative of it.  We say that we need to turn our hearts towards the Father and he will write a new covenant on our hearts.

And that’s great, but I still want to stand in a stadium in front of thousands of people telling them about God’s love for them.  Tell you what, 30 odd hits a day on the blog doesn’t really seem to count for much.

This line however – let me tell you the Spirit was convicting me of this one telling me to worry about the people I could impact directly one at a time, and then we’ll talk about getting a few more.  How many hearts are now directed to Jesus because of my little blog here??  How many hearts have a little bit more light shining on their day because of it?

When Jesus was surrounded by the crowd and pressed upon all sides, a woman who had been bleeding her entire life longed for just enough attention from him to be healed.  She knew that if she just touched the hem of his robe she would be set and when she did Jesus noticed the heart reaching out in desperation and said “who touched me?”

1 heart, shining a little bit brighter today was important enough for Jesus to notice, so it’s more than good enough for me.