Time marches on
day after day
the same.
Tick tock tick tock
Echoes Father’s clock
as the seconds
turn into third and fourth and fifth
helpings of this dish
called time
and marches on.

Time marches on
and the colors shift and sway
from day to day
towards and away
life and death
from green to black
and back
and forth.
the more things change
the more they stay the same.
And time marches on.

Time marches on
at its fretful pace
in the face
of hurried and frantic people chasing
they can catch up.
But some hope and wait
to seek
a bit of rest
a bit of peace
as time marches on.

Time marches on
and it seems i stay behind
no rewind
no fastforward
no movement toward
any kind of resolution
solution or restoration.
Just waiting.
Waiting for the Son to rise
on the day
when all that will change.
How long you ask?
How long?

as long as it takes.

Time marches on
and I can’t really say I care.