Jesus died and everyone was feeling depressed.  Everyone mourned the loss of their mentor, their teacher, and their friend and brother.  This was the man who had looked around while they sat together and said “Here is my mother and brother and sister.”  And now he was gone, brutally tortured and murdered by the people from whom he was supposed to save them and whom he had even forgiven.

Jesus rose and everyone celebrated.  Mary wept in the garden and clung to him in relief.  The Disciples were torn between astonishment and sheer joy.  They were ready for the revolution, they were ready to continue on and couldn’t wait to see what would happen after this ultimate miracle.  They had seen Jesus call the dead back to life before but this was a whole other level. Jesus called himself back to life!  I mean talk about some good PR “Miracle worker miraculously lives!”

And then Jesus drops a bombshell on them all.  “Go and make disciples of all the nations.”

“What? Jesus, aren’t you coming with us?”

“Well yeah, but I’ll be with you from on High, and I’ll send you that counselor guy I told you about.  You’ll be fine.  Now go.”

And poof! He’s gone.

I don’t know about everyone else, but the Monday after Easter is always the hardest day for me.  There’s an incredible experience of God and the risen Christ on Easter and if there isn’t a fresh encounter then there’s always a reminder of a recent one and it always takes my spirit to that place where I feel like I could just jump and dance and sing and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, it doesn’t matter what I think about my day-job or my struggles with the flesh because CHRIST IS RISEN!!

And then He says “Now go.”

“But I don’t wanna!” I say.  “I want to stay in your presence I want to worship and love you and never go from here!”

“But I will be with you.”

“But it’s not the same.” I complain.  “It’s not the same if I can’t see you or be in your manifest presence!”

“Live by faith, not by sight.”

And I grumble and complain and wake up on Monday morning wondering if this is what the disciples felt like in Acts 1 as they hung out inJerusalemwaiting for something to happen.  “Jesus told us to wait so we wait.”  “I’m bored.” “Are we there yet?”

Now this is the hardest thing to do in my opinion.  To come off that incredible experience and then go back to the day to day grind.  It’s like Moses coming offMt.Sinaionly to find his people reveling in idolatry: it seems like it doesn’t matter what happened just now, just a moment ago or a few hours ago, there’s this mess, the daily muck to deal with.

Only today I dealt with it differently than normal.  Today, instead of slumping my shoulders a bit and setting my nose to the grindstone to get the work done, I look over my shoulder at that mountain top and say “really?  Do I really have to deal with this?  Can’t you help me out here?  We had such a great time just now…”

And Jesus replies, “all you had to do was ask.”

What have you been struggling with day to day?  Have you asked for help with it?  Has it even occurred to you that Jesus would help with it?