Let me ask you dear reader, why in the world do you read this blog?

Seriously.  Think about it.  For those of you who know me personally and find my abbreviated thoughts here insightful or interesting, you know that in person I am not nearly so interesting.  In fact, you probably know a great many things about me that I wish you didn’t know but that’s beside the point.  The point is that if you knew me in person, you’ve probably heard me develop every little thing I’ve put up here weeks before I do so and when you see the title you can say “oh yeah I know what he’s going to say.” And for those of you who only know my by my writing… well you don’t really know me do you?  That’s not a jab at you for not getting to know me, just a fact.  I am as humble and transparent here as I know how but I am also very aware that a great many of my personal details are left out of here. (Most on purpose)

Do you find my writing insightful?  Well I hope so but to be perfectly honest there are days when I’m convinced I’ve written the digital equivalent of corn fertilizer and I should just give up right then and there.  And yet for some reason you, intrepid reader, read it.

Does my writing elucidate the hidden mysteries of scripture and reveal new depths of God’s Character and the might and glory of His Son Jesus?

I like to think so but again, that’s me talking and ultimately even that get’s boring.  Now I know I don’t have a whole lot of readers on here but I’ve really thought about it over the past couple of weeks and I want to share with you the one thing that I think is good about this blog: it glorifies God.

Everything else, the insight, the depth, whatever it is it’s all just a by-product of my worship here.  And what I do here is my worship.  I don’t have the skill to be a musician and I don’t have the discipline for more liturgical worship so I blog my own personal devotion to Him every morning.  I like to think that this is something I’ve done right and that you join me to worship Him and to give Him glory.

I don’t do this to gain a following (as awesome as that might be I’m not a very good leader).  I don’t do this to gain fame or recognition (although I’m not opposed to it).  I don’t even do it because I’m hoping for some kind of experience with Jesus.

I do this to glorify Him.  And if he shows up then great.  And if not then I’ll keep on doing it anyways.  And I hope, dear reader, that this is why you are here too.