Now don’t be surprised, but THE nails that were used to crucify Jesus in 33CE were recently found and catalogued by the Naked Archeologist guy.

Now one of two things is going to happen: there will be an uproar and controversy around this much like there was when the same archeologist claimed to have found the body and tomb of Jesus or people will flock to see the nails that crucified Christ and we’ll see a resurgence of the age old relics trade. And if the second, what should happen if this turns out to be incorrect?  How many people will pour into this only to find out they were wrong and be hurt by it?

However I suggest there is a third possibility available also.  A possibility that many people are probably considering right now even in the midst of the question of how important this find is, if it’s important at all.  I suggest, that the third reaction is also probably the healthiest given the human tendency to fixate on material objects and the visible signs of God’s presence instead of the Lord himself.  This third option is nothing.

This find simply doesn’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong, it might be historic for the archeological community but I ain’t no archeologist.  I care as much for the advances in archeology as I do for the advances of quantum physics: it’s important but I just don’t get it.  I’m a part of the body of Christ and a community of believers.  It is less important for me to see or touch the nails that pierced Christ than it is for me to know that it happened.

It is less important for me to know that a first century iron nail was bent after it was driven into the cross beam, than it is for me to know the person who suffered.

It is less important for me to talk about the state of a nail that was in a limestone ossuary (which kind of messes with my head, I mean what in the world was it doing there?) than it is for me to talk about the sacrifice of Jesus on that Cross.

So Naked Archeologist, I love your show, but I don’t care what you find.  I live by faith, not by science.

What do you think?  Will this impact the Christian Community?