I’ve spent a lot of time on this one over the past year, so rather than talk about it fresh in my completely exhausted state, I’m going to point you back to all the other posts I’ve written about the topic or that touch on it.

Song of the Servant – I start off daydreaming about random stuff and then meditate (at length) on the value and purpose of being called “servant of God”

Contentious Christian Issues pt 1 – this one discusses two men who claim to be servants of Jesus but as far as I’m concerned they are pretty much wrong.

#ICSEX What is a man? – during the ICSEX group blogging project I discuss what it means to be a man and a servant.

Song of the servant…again – Here I discuss the relationship between being a servant and obedience to the Lord.

I’m also interested in any other posts or references to service and being a servant that are out there.  Any recommendations or favorites? Throw the link up in the comments section as well as why you like that particular article/resource/site.