Paul says this in his first letter to the Corinthians.  “You belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.”  It really made me think because to some degree it’s really black and white.  It’s not even black and white it’s just white.  It’s an absolute statement with no errors or exceptions.  There is no way to get out of this one.  Paul doesn’t say “The righteous belong to Christ” and he doesn’t say “Those who love Him belong to Him.”  Paul says “You belong to Christ.”  Even if we assume that this is strictly in relation to Christians, we are talking about some of the most messed up and divided Christians that Paul ever had to deal with.  I mean the man wrote his longest letter to these people, and he had to do it TWICE!

Think about that.  16 chapters devoted to telling this group of Christians how to get their act together and then, he has to do it AGAIN.  The most broken and hurt people belong to Christ!

But that’s not even the main point of this little discourse in 1 Corinthians Chapter 3. The point is that we do not belong to anyone or anything that may be of this earth.

A conflict is described in the first part of the chapter where people who like this guy Apollos are arguing and fighting with another group of people who prefer Paul.  Both were anointed leaders and both had authority and yet the people insisting one is better than the other start to take sides and divisions are formed.  Paul’s response is to say “What is Apollos?  What is Paul?”  And even goes on to compare this kind of favoritism with laying foundations of gold and silver.

In other words, the people were pursing the men of God instead of God himself.  Doing so created idols of these men, just like a golden calf or Asherah pole.

Do you see? Just because someone raised you, taught you, or mentored you, does that make you their property?  Do you somehow owe them everything because of the good they’ve done for you?

Let me just say, anyone who puts another human being in that position is not Godly.  We do not belong to other people; we are not slaves to this world.  We belong to Christ.