I pray best when I write it out.  Feel free to ignore this post or to pray with me.


Today I am praying for the working poor.  Lord come into these homes and these lives and show them your love.  Let them know that you watch over them.  Bless them and ease their burdens and suffering.

I pray for the people of Japan and every other place that is wounded by or still recovering from a natural disaster.  Show them Lord that your voice and presence was not in the disaster but in the whisper that followed.  Bring them hope, compassion, and life overflowing.

I pray for the people of Lybia and every other place that is wounded by or still recovering from the abuses of a few powerful people.  Lord bring justice, bring mercy, and bring healing.

I pray for my neighborhood that is blighted by the rocky soil.  The dry place that cries out for rain.  Equip us to bring you closer to these places.  Bring your rain and tend the earth that your heart and your hope may be planted there.

I thank  you and praise you Lord because you are sovereign over all these things.  You alone are God and you alone decide the rising and the setting of the sun.  You who set the universe in motion and created all things, set aside the greater things of this world and concern yourself with us.  Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord for the body of believers who some together in worship and prayer.  This body that lifts one another up and encourages one another is the day-to-day grind of discipleship.  Thank you Lord for making these people a people of love and hope and peace.  Thank you Lord for putting your spirit of love on us, and I pray that through us it may reach all people.

In Jesus name, amen.