I don’t have a whole lot to offer today.  I think my post yesterday really took it out of me.  But I want to clarify something I did yesterday.  The title of my post “Can you listen now?” is deliberate.  I don’t mean to ask “Will you listen now?” and I don’t mean to ask “would you listen now?” These questions are a question of willingness and desire and I don’t particularly care about that… well I do but not at this moment.  The question I ask denotes ability.

My life, me personally, I have a lot of things that take up my time and stop me from listening and waiting on God. I convince myself I am not able to wait for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time.

But in light of recent events, that inability has disappeared.  And so I ask, “CAN we listen now?”

I’m waiting, and listening.  If I hear anything I’m allowed to share, I’ll let you know.  If I don’t, then I’ll share my praises to Him anyways.

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