It occurred to me yesterday that Jesus did not come to this world despite the sin and treachery, and circumstances of life, but because of them.  Now sit with me for a moment and think about that.

Jesus didn’t come DESPITE the world, but BECAUSE of it.

Let’s review one of our favorite bible verses “For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”

This has long been a cornerstone of my faith and will continue to be.  I mean lets face it: salvation is kind of big deal.  But follow me for a moment down this train of thought and tell me what you think about it.

God decided to save us, to redeem us from the law and to give us life instead of death while we were still sinners.  This is important to note because like I said before, Jesus didn’t come for the healthy but the sick.  The whole have no use for a savior (not that I actually know anyone who is whole and unbroken) but the rest of us need him every moment of every day… or at least I need him every moment of every day.

Jesus doesn’t heal us and make us whole DESPITE our sin and brokenness but because of it.  He does it out of love for us because he loves us that much.

So it follows, that if Jesus came because of us, and heals out of love for us and not despite ourselves, then it also follows that Jesus loves our flaws as much as he loves our merits.

I wonder if he doesn’t love us MORE for our flaws than our merits because in our flaws, in our weakness he is able to fill the gap and reveal himself to us that we might love him more.  In my weakness he is strong, therefore I suppose I’m supposed to rejoice in my weakness and brokenness and suffering.  Regardless, this is still a major paradigm shift for me as I remember how I used to present my testimony.

“I was (insert litany of flaws and sins) but Jesus showed me that he loved me anyways.”

That’s not how it works.  I should say “I was (insert litany of flaws and sins) and Jesus said, ‘now there’s someone I can love.’”

And since then, ever since I’ve been in relationship with him, he’s been walking with me through this list saying “this one hurts doesn’t it?  Let’s fix that.”  “I got something better for you than this, but you got to let go of it first.”  “It’s ok if you’re not ready, it’s not going to change the way I love you. We’ll come back to it later.”