I’ve been thinking a lot about the names of God, particularly the old testament names like the tetragrammaton for example. Most recently however, I’ve meditated on the name el shaddai

The name “el shaddai” is usually translated in English as “God Almighty” where El is the word for God and shaddai means mighty/sovereign/strong. Although there are some other possibilities which include God of the Mountain (Sinai), God of the city of Sheda (where Abram was from) and God who Guards the Doors of Israel.

But at the end of the day they still mean the same thing: the God who watches over us. Whether it is from a place of power, from the top of a mountain, or from our own side as he promised abram or even from the lintel and posts o every door of every house. El Shaddai watches over His people just as he did in gen 1:1. Just as he did in Egypt, in the wilderness, in the promise land, in exile, under Rome and in the face of our own stubbornness.

El Shaddai – the God of Heaven, God Almighty, the God who watches over us and cares for us in every moment of every day.

El shaddai.