Last Friday I decided that I was going to stop DOING for the weekend and just open myself up to time with the Lord. Now this is not something that comes easy to me especially since I’m such a performance driven kind of guy.  I mean I hear people talk about basking in the glow of God’s love and presence and my first thought is “God’s here?! QuickstartprayingforhealingandgreatmovesofGodandsalvationsinthecity!!!!”

So yeah, not a small thing to not DO something.  Whenever God shows up I want to start doing stuff with Him rather than just enjoying the presence.  I discovered rather quickly on Friday night, that I was not going to be able to just sit around and wait on God.  I’m too ADD for that one. Instead I decided to be domestic; to do those simple everyday chores around the house that I love to ignore, and to invite God to be with me while I do them.  Not because I wanted His power or blessing while I did it, but because I wanted to love Him in the everyday things.

Saturday morning, I turn on the praise and worship music and let it run all day.  I don’t think I turned on the TV until about 10PM and then it was because I REALLY wanted to play Wii golf.

But the point is that by keeping my physical self busy with everday minutia, I was able to release my spirit to worship Him.  I’ve never gotten excited while cleaning the bathroom but I was jumping and singing as loud as I could (while my wife thought I was spending a little TOOO much time with the bathroom cleaners) because I was able to worship Him and tell Him how much I love him from the very core of my spirit and not be distracted by the rest of me.

It amazes me that for all the times I’ve thought that I had to DO something physical and make it worship I’ve always struggled with it because it takes up my focus.  I can dedicate the act to God before and I can thank him for it after, but during?  Not so much.  This time it wasn’t that I was dedicating my cleaning to God, it’s that my simple housework freed my spirit.  For the first time in a long time, my worship to the Lord was nothing more complicated than “I love you Lord and I lift my voice.” In short: