No ambiguity here. I don’t like politics. I don’t like the maneuvering and the posturing and the campaigning and deals made in back rooms and hidden agendas and on and on and on. I mean there are so many layers of STUFF hidden in the process of the American representative democracy (which technically makes us a republic but I digress) that I literally get ill to my stomach when I read about it all. I have no idea what motivates our congressmen and women I have no idea what motivates our senators, or the president even. Supposedly it’s the best interest of their constituents but let’s be honest, I can’t say that for sure. Near as I can tell, politics simply demands that those without power seek it and those with power do everything they can to hold onto it.

And what really gets me is when everyone is ACTUALLY wanting the same thing and looking and seeking the same thing and then refusing to get anything done because they can’t afford to seem to be cooperating. Example:

I looked over the State of the Union Address from last night and here’s what I hear: “American is doing good enough, but good enough isn’t good enough. Good enough has never been good enough, not for us, not for this country, because we want the best.”

This, to me, sounds like an excellent speech. I like this, I agree with this, I can get behind this even if I don’t completely agree with absolutely everything else that was said last night.

But politics demands that those without power seek it and those with power do everything they can to hold onto it.
So discussion turns away, very quickly from “let’s take the good and make it the best” into “WE are trying to make it the best but THEY are holding us up.” And I’m not just talking about the Republican response to the Democratic president. Every liberal leaning media outlet has been slamming the Republican response before they even had a chance to make it, while every conservative leaning media outlet has been slamming the president for the past two years.

Now I don’t doubt that our leaders do in fact serve the public, I don’t doubt that in the least. But I do wonder how much greater their service, and how much more impact it would have, if we saw our leaders serving one another.
How much more impact would the church have if we stopped hurtling doctrine and theology at one another and united as one body like we’re supposed to, and serve each other and the world?

Because if Jesus were to give a speech on the state of the church universal he would probably start out by saying, “I love you Church, and you’re doing alright. But I want to show you how to make it flat out AWESOME.”

UPDATE: Crystal Rowe over at Soul  Munchies also wrote a post about President Obama’s State of the Union Address and took a completely different view of it.  Please read her post about it here.