I’m supposed to be writing,
as an act of worship, but
so far this is all I got.
I almost had a title
but I didn’t like it.
Thought maybe I had a theme,
but I threw it out.

I’m supposed to be thinking
some deep and amazing and insightful thing
as an act of devotion.
Almost had a few but
they were kind of boring.
Couldn’t really find any inspiration after that
unless you count a question of
“I wonder how Bart Simpson
has stayed in the fifth grade all these years?”

I’m supposed to be studying
the ancient texts and scriptures
that have formed the foundation of my life.
It’s supposed to help be get to know my God,
but I feel asleep during the “begats”
and got side tracked by the four faced winged thingy.

I’m supposed to be disciplined
to come closer to Him
but I’m tired and worn out.
Too many failures.
Too many “not good enough.”
And no real successes to celebrate.

Do you suppose He’d be willing to just
grab a beer with me and call it a day?