So the number one trending topic on Google for yesterday (1/11/11) was scelestious.  First of all, I’m still trying to figure out if this is a real word or not.  It seems to be derived from the word scelestus which is already an adjective.  That’s like saying something is blue-tious.  And the word scelstus means wicked, evil, abnormal, or anything that might be considered along those lines.  On a side note I’m pretty certain that this is where the word salacious comes from but I can’t really be certain of that.

The two top hits on Google trends for the word scelestious were an article about a church diocese suing the parish wardens (volunteers who help the parish stay in decent shape) and a nice little bashing of the TV series Glee.

Now the Glee bashing comes from a website called Christwire, which I would link to, but I really don’t want to be associated with all the negativity they have up there.  My wife loves Glee, half the people I work with like it, and I’m sure it’s really popular among kids who feel that they can relate to the cast of the show who, for the most part, are misfits and geeks trying to craft an identity for themselves.  And as a youth pastor, I was actually kind of curious about what other Christians thought about it.  I mean if a youth asked me about The Girls Next Door, I’d probably tell them they should focus on other things, but Glee, well I never got too into it (hit too close to home for me to really enjoy watching it) so I trust what my wife tells me about it.  But this website?

“[Glee containts] gratuitous sex, explicit dialogue, violent content, and obscene language. It is completely unsuitable for children.”

And then it tries to attribute this quote to The Parents Television Council (Which does not have anything close to that kind of language, I checked.)

Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that glee is probably not an appropriate show for children in elementary school, and I can appreciate that as a parent I’m probably going to be as boneheaded about preserving my child’s innocence for as long as possible.

But this is the world folks.

As much as I hate it, this is the world.  Our kids have to deal with homosexuality in school.  There will be kids their own age dealing with it in personal ways.

Our kids will have to deal with pre-marital sex, and sexual topics in school.  Even if our kids are fine their peers will likely struggle.

As much as I hate it, ignorance is not a defense.  We do our children no favors by sheltering them from this.  The number one reason why teens disconnect from the church after High School is that they don’t know how to interact with the larger church.  How much worse will they be if we don’t teach them how to interact with the world?

Is Glee the best way to do this?  No.  Not by a long shot.  But at least it’s trying.