For those who missed it, WT started off with Dan King over at with this post.

Today, the main topic of conversation on Google is the Mega Millions jackpot.  Something like the fourth largest jackpot won in the history of the US, although I’d be a bit curious to read some more and do a little inflation study, but that’s for another day.  No the real surprise for everyone is that TWO people in different parts of the country won.

Go figure right?  What are the odds?

Well the odds of one person winning are 1 in 176 million and the odds of two people having the same numbers are probably somewhere in the vicinity of 1 in 309 billion (in case you were curious but I’m not 100% certain of that number).

When you start adding six zeroes to numbers it gives you a new perspective on what “jackpot” really means. But here are some things that it means to me personally and some instances when I might use it.

  • It’s when I’ve been staring a problem for longer than I would like and FINALLY see the answer.
  • When I know I’ve done something and done it well.  REALLY well.  “As in, I can’t believe I did that” kind of good.
  • When, after a day that was too long, too stressful, and too busy I finally get to kick back and put my feet up with my wife, a movie, and a good cup of Earl Grey tea.

In other words, I use “jackpot” to describe those instances when God comes into my circumstances and cleans up my mess… and if He decides to give me a large lump sum that ends with six zeroes we’ll call that a jackpot too. J

How about you?  What would you describe as “jackpot.”