First things first: I’m not into New Year’s resolutions.  Studies have shown that the vast majority of people don’t keep up with their new year’s resolutions.  And by “studies” I mean that in my experience I have never kept a 1/1 resolution for more than three months.  So instead of a New Year’s resolution I’m going to follow my buddy Larry’s example instead and take a second look at some of my values across different categories.

Category: Within

I want to value who I am instead of who I want to be.  Weird how that works isn’t it?  I’ve spent a lot of time this past year and for most of my life actually working towards some kind of ideal of who “Seiji” is never really being completely content with the person I was in that particular moment.  Generally my motivation for change has been complete dissatisfaction with the person that I am.  So that’s a value that I want to change/build on. My Core Values state that I value my relationship with myself and the truth is I don’t really, but I’m looking forward to amending that.

Category: Without.

I want to value things I enjoy even though they may not seem important.  I love writing fiction for example but it always feels a bit like a guilty pleasure.  I’m just writing for fun with no real purpose behind it.  It isn’t a discipling tool or growing my faith, or earning me money (yet I hope) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good or important or is somehow less meaningful.  I want to value having fun no other reason than it’s fun.


Yeah that’s pretty much it.  Special thanks to Larry again for the idea.

Love and blessings everyone.