My church just launched an iPhone/iPad/Android app(The Tapestry Church) which includes a daily bible reading plan. So now, every Thursday, I’m going to pick one of the selected readings and write a little bit about it, hopefully in 800 words or less! Now there are daily readings and multiple chapters for each reading. It kind of follows a lectionary style where there is an Old Testament reading, a reading from Pslams, and then a Gospel/Epistles reading. I’m going to try and pick one of the readings and take it as a whole.

Like today’s Gospel reading for example was for Luke 21 which includes the story of the widow’s mite, goes on to talk about a whole lot of other things. So if I was going to write a little thing about that passage, I’d try to write about the entire chapter as a whole rather than breaking it up. But today, I’m not doing that, I’m just letting everyone know that starting next week I’ll be doing that and anyone who cares to join me is welcome to download the app and follow along!

Merry Christmas everyone, I’ll see you in the blogosphere next week!