So I’ve been out of commission on this one for the past couple of weeks courtesy of TWB’s The Nutcracker, but I saw this one on Dan King’s blog and I could not say no.  We are meant to derive inspiration from a picture found in Flickr’s creative commons, and this is the picture I chose mainly because it spoke to me on an especially deep, spiritual level.  This, what you see here is not a picture of a Metallica concert even though that is what it is a picture of; no indeed what you see here before is a prominent portrait of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Now if you think I’m crazy, let me explain something very important and central about myself.

The first time I ever heard the gospel, the story of Jesus Christ, the very first time I can remember ever understanding anything about Jesus, is in the context of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Rock Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar.

In which Jesus is portrayed as a rock star.

Now there are some painful theological flaws in Mr. Webber’s retelling of the gospel and I wouldn’t wish that particular misunderstanding on ANYONE.  But the misguided little musical holds a special place in my heart today because it made Jesus a really awesome guy.  A bit misguided, slightly crazy, but did you hear him when he cast out the money lenders in the temple!  I mean that’s just awesome!  Not to mention the way he just laughs in the face of the Pharisees.

Why waste your breath, moaning at the crowds? Nothing can be done to stop the shouting!  If every tongue were still the noise would still continue, the rocks and stones themselves would start to sing, “Ho-sanna hey-sanna sana sana ho-sanna hey-sanna ho-sana!”

Doubtless the idea of Christ-as-rock-star as colored my understanding of Christianity and theology in general but think about it, it does not get more awesome than Jesus.  So every rock star, rapper, hip hop artist, and musician whether secular or religious is ultimately trying to be Jesus because don’t nobody rock the world like he did.