I was a competitive swimmer once upon a time.  Granted I wasn’t particularly competitive but I was at least competing.  And I recall the first time I joined the team and tried to swim the 25 meters (about 25.7 yards or something like that) in a single breath.  It didn’t matter how hard I was pumping my arms and kicking my legs I am telling you that it felt like I was getting no where fast.  It didn’t help that I was the slowest guy on the team at the time and everyone else in the pool was passing my by, I was certain my lungs were going to pop before I could reach the end of the pool, and stupid stubborn me didn’t even consider to just stick my head above water and breath.

I kind of feel that way again now: just really struggling to not loose any ground that I’ve gained even though realistically I can look around and see how far God has brought me just recently.  And just like that time in the pool it isn’t about getting across the finish line on the same tank of air you started with, but getting across the finish line.

I mean, consider Jesus for example (after all if you need an example from anyone to follow might as well pick Jesus right?).  He didn’t pray once at the temple when he was a kid and then think he was good to go right?  Check out this post by Kevin Weatherby to really talk about staying filled.  What I’m talking about though is more than just staying filled but those moments when you really stop and take time to refill, rest, recharge and then prepare anew for the world.

Matthew 14:22 (DEV)

“Jesus told everyone to pack it up, they didn’t have to go home but they couldn’t hang out where they were and when the message finally got across to everyone Jesus took a deep breath, and walked to the highest point of the mountain where he could finally find some solitude to chill out with his Father.”

So last year I made this challenge and I’m going to do it again.  Take an hour.  It doesn’t have to be today but it has to be at least an hour and you have to at least schedule it today.  Take an hour and write a letter to God just going over everything that’s happened this year.  And be honest.  No formula no right or wrong here, just take a second and write a letter to the Father as if you were writing a letter…or an e-mail to a close friend.