No I haven’t seen any snow this winter but I’ve been hearing a lot about it, and after the mess that Snowmageddon gave the DC area last year I’ve been thinking about it in a general sort of way this year.  Like how they say, for example, that no two snowflakes are alike.  I don’t know how they proved that but it strikes me as something that is pretty easy to disprove.  After all you only need two snowflakes that are the same to do it. 

So I read up on this a little bit and it was talking about the delicate crystalline structure this that and the other and it made me think about fractals.  Of all things I could think about when thinking about snowflakes I thought about fractals.

If you weren’t sure before, you know there’s something wrong with me now.  😉

Anyways, fractals are infinitely complex geometric figures.  Think of a triangle and bisect it like in this picture here.

Now you have two new triangles.  Bisect those.

Continue bisecting triangles until you can no longer do so and you come up with a geometric figure that is infinitely complex.

I’ve been told that these can be used to predict and map out weather patterns on Mars but I’m not sure I believe it.  What I’m certain of however, is that like a snowflake, and fractal is ultimately the expression of a simple idea.  In our example above it was the simple idea of “bisect a triangle.”

The simple idea with the snow flake is “frozen water.”

It got me thinking about other complex patterns and designs we see around us today, specifically the pattern of my own life.  What simple idea is my life expressing?

I like to think that the idea is “Love the Lord.” Or maybe “I am a friend of God.”  (Love that song by the way.)

Anyways, I’m not really going anywhere with this, just a couple of thoughts I wanted to share on this far too cold December morning.