Because I can!! MWAHAHAHA.

I actually really liked the on button with the cross spin on it, but it wasn’t really me.  So I’ve spent most of today idling about on Aviary (which is awesome if you don’t have photoshop) instead of working on the really important stuff I’ve had to do in an effort to more clearly define a sense of WHO I am and WHAT this blog really is.

And here it is!

The design takes the old school Chi-Rho, which are the first two letters of the word “Christ” when spelled in greek, and then overlays the image with my personal favorite Triptych: SDG

Sebastian Bach would sign all his music with his name followed by the triptych which stood for the latin Soli Deo Gloria (Glorify God Alone).

Now I know neither of those two things really has all that much significance in and of themselves, but they have come to really mean something about God’s amazing power and majesty.   I have no idea why.  Maybe the arms of the Chi make me think of crossed swords or the Rho is like an inverted cutlass or something, but this really fits me and what I want my relationship to Christ to be.

I’m just the pen.  He’s got the goods.  🙂