So picture this guy.  He’s got a pretty good life.  He likes his work, he’s good at what he does and he’s moderately successful.  Not super, über wealthy or anything but he’s doing alright with his own business he shares with his brother.  He loves his family, there are a couple of women he’s got his eye on, he might even have a quiet little marriage going on that just kind of trucks along.

His name is Peter and Jesus shows up and says “Fish?  Man, just you wait till you see what I got for you.  Come on, you’re going to love this.” (Mark 1:17 DEV)

Imagine now a kid.  I mean, he’s probably about 16 or 17 and he dodged the draft because he’s too young.  So he’s working in his dad’s business keeping the family going.  They’re good folk, keep their noses clean and heads down for the most part.  They are pretty happy with the cards life has dealt them.  If they work hard enough, if they get lucky enough, then one day they might even be a bit better off.  Then this kid brings his brothers a care package from Mom and Dad and there’s this ugly giant of a man just asking to be put in his place.

“Come on!” the boy named David says.  “What you got big and ugly? A couple of statues?  Some biceps?  I have the LORD God of Hosts, the one who not only created me but you and all your ugly buddies and you laugh at Him?  Son, you’re going down, you don’t want to see what the Lord is going to do to y’all.” (1 Sam 17 DEV)

These are both men who abandoned good things they had in their life, good jobs, good families, good things – and they abandoned it in the HOPE of the best.  They didn’t have the best in hand when they did it, they didn’t even know what the best was going to look like, all they knew was that the Lord had promised it, and they were ready to abandon the good in exchange for hoping in the best.

So this next guy I want to talk to you about, he had it all.  This man had it made.  He had respect, influence, power, wealth and women.  He had a loving family (I assume) a mission and anointing.  Life does not get much better than what this guy had.  But then things took a turn.  He settled for something good.

“I did what I was told,” King Saul said, “I went to war I killed them all and then I took the best of everything and offered it God.  That’s good right?”  The prophet Samuel said “No.  You disobeyed and are using what you think is good as an excuse.  Who knows best Saul: you or God?  You settled for Good when the Lord was prepared with the Best.” (1 Sam 15 DEV)

Saul dies and looses the Kingship in case you had forgotten.

Last example.

Man spends his entire life leading up to a time when he can really glorify God.  I mean this one waits and waits and waits and then explodes onto the scene like 4th of July Fireworks on Halloween: it’s awesome and no one expects it.  Lives are changed, a nation is just about turned around, people who had spent their entire lives suffering are living well and in relationship with a God who really genuinely cares about them.  And this isn’t just good this is AWESOME!

“Don’t make me do this last part,” Jesus said.  “Please don’t make me take this last step.  But that’s my wish.  You know best Pop.  You know what this world needs is the best and I’ll do it.  Whatever you want that’s best Pop, I’ll do it.” (Matthew 26:42 DEV)

Do you have a story to share about abandoning the good for the best?  Or the opposite?