In Beyond the Noise Part 1 I talk about how difficult it can be to sift through what people are saying…or screaming as the case may be – and hearing what they mean.  I was specifically looking at google trend topics and thinking that whatever people SAY they want, what they MEAN they want is relationship.  Doesn’t it stand to reason we should share with them, as Christians, the great relationship we have with Jesus?

Which made me think of another question which I posed over at Campfire Cowboy Ministries.

With all the noise out there, would we hear Jesus knocking?

This thought terrifies me.  It makes me think of Luke 10:13 or Matthew 11 where Jesus says “Sucks to be you Bethsaida!  You missed the train, you missed your chance, you missed ME! I’d tell you what’s wrong with you but you aren’t listening so guess what?  Sucks to be you.” (Matthew 11:21-23 Dramatically Embellished Version)

Now I’m sitting here looking for Jesus, living in relationship with Him, but I got a lot of distractions here.  I am genuinely terrified that my distractions (some of which are pretty Godly to some degree, I mean fundraising for a playground in Haiti is a pretty good cause right?) will deafen me to the sound of My Lord knocking at the door.

So I’m putting together a list of things that will help me get past the noise.  Here’s what I got so far.

Enjoy the stillness.  Pretty simple stuff here.  Take time on a regular basis to shut out the world and just wait in stillness on the Lord.

Enjoy the sound. Don’t tune it out and let it become background noise.  I want to learn how to appreciate and enjoy every little noise and sound.

Listen.  Never stop listening.  I may not like what I hear, I may not want to hear it, and I certainly am not bound to any action beyond it, but I MUST listen.

Let it hurt.  It isn’t enough to just do these things… I think.  I think part of what has to go into it, is doing it until it hurts.  Push until I’m so uncomfortable I think I’m going to just snap and then keep on pushing.  There’s a reason why it’s called growing “pains.”  It ain’t meant to be easy.

Any other suggestions?