Have you heard that expression before?  It seems to detail my life pretty well.  I mean my favorite music consists of Thousand Foot Crutch, Pillar, and Skillet, so when I listen to music in my little corner of the world, it is a very loud and noisy corner of the world.  But a couple of posts I read today, notably Kickin’ at Crickets over at Campfire Cowboy Ministries and Wednesday Trensday at Bibledude.net really made me think about trying to listen beyond the noise.

For example:

When I listen to what people are saying, do I hear what they mean?

I was considering this question as I was looking at the top 20 google trend topics to today as part of Bibledude’s challenge to keep blogging relevant and actually felt like a complete noob.  I had no idea that a Green Lantern Movie was even being considered, and my Hollywood gossip had me looking up a lot of names.  In other words, I had nothing to contribute to the conversation about what is going on in the world and I was deteremined to do a better job at listening to mainline culture….as much as that particular thought nauseates me.

At that point it occurs to me that just because these are the topics people are talking about it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is all they’re talking about.  What’s the connection?  What’s the relationship?

And that’s the answer.  People are looking for relationship.  12 of the 20 topics I looked at had to do with people and relationships that we can connect to or plug into.  What these results tell me is that people are so desperate for relationship that they will take it vicariously through people who do have it.

So why not replace a relationship they don’t have with one we do?  Why not try and take people beyond the noise of what everyone else is doing until we can all come to a bench in a park where we can hear Jesus say, “Sit down with me.  Be with me.  Let’s talk for a bit.”